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Welcome to the Green Circle!

The Green Circle was set up in the mid 1980s to provide a forum for esoteric discussion and the sharing of information. We now have several hundred members in the UK and a smaller number from overseas.

Although we are  non-denominational (as you will see from our Principles) we are fundamentally a pagan-orientated organisation which respects all Goddesses and Gods. Our purpose is to help like-minded people to meet and keep in touch with one another, and to produce an informative quarterly Newsletter, 'The Green Circular', for members. We do not organise meetings and events centrally, but encourage and support those who wish to set up local groups. Some Green Circle groups have been active in some shape or form for several years. Some groups comprise of just a few friends who meet occasionally to socialise, whilst others are more formal groups undergoing training in esoteric subjects and magickal arts.

Members can be supplied with names and addresses of other members in selected postcode areas on request. It is from these contacts that local groups can grow.

The Green Circle is, of course, entirely non-profit-making.

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