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PO Box 280
Kent ME16 0UL

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Green Circle Application

We hope very much that you would like to join us.

If accepted, you will automatically be sent a copy of the
Ceremony of The Green Circle
to perform in the privacy of your own home.
Performing the Ceremony makes you truly

part of the Fellowship.

Please print out the following form,
fill in your details and post it with your membership fee to:
The Green Circle
PO Box 280 Maidstone
Kent ME16 0UL




Postcode: Telephone No:

Date of Birth

Circle your main interest
meeting other members / writing to other members
/ the Newsletter

Are you a member of any other group?


What authors have you found most useful?


How did you find out about The Green Circle?


Please list five main subjects you are interested in
(eg. tarot, witchcraft, ecology etc..)




I agree with the principles of The Green Circle. I agree to my name and address being given to members seeking contacts in my area.
I enclose a cheque/postal order payable to Green Circle for:

6.00   to join and for the rest of the current year
12.00 for an additional year
18.00 for two additional years
(membership year from 1.11 to 31.10)

(overseas members please add 4.00 per year)

Signed: Date:


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