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The Green Circle Principles

The Green Circle is an open, social fellowship of people with a genuine interest in any of the following: magic, witchcraft, alternative healing, conservation, self-awareness or personal growth, within the Western Mystery tradition.

1.To treasure our Planet Earth and  strive hard to live in harmony and peace with Nature, to desire peace and fellowship and the continuance of the Earth as a fit and wonderful place to live.

2.To respect the faith, beliefs and magical arts of others, and their rights to worship as pagans, followers of orthodox religions or in any other way: to come to know your Gods/Goddesses/Deity through experience.

3.To seek to understand the Mysteries of your own tradition, and those of others about you; to explore Nature, the Earth and our place in the Universe as fully as possible.

4.To act with discretion concerning secret knowledge, keeping to yourself anything told to you in confidence, your Green Circle name and those of your companions; not to ask about the secrets of others.

5.To act in fellowship with your companions, offering help or advice to those who ask, but not interfering with the lives of others unless asked.

6.To live true to your principles, oaths and ideals, and teach by example.

7.To help the transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius by being informed, interested and forward thinking to help others.

8.To join in a local group, if one exists, sharing knowledge, experiences, especially from those who are complete novices, and to learn from all your companions as much as pssible over a wide spectrum.

9.To find ways to spread the message of the Green Circle to any who may seek it, but not to coerce or put pressure on anyone to join.



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